Diagnosing and troubleshooting a sluggish PC or a Notebook display issue can be frustrating.  In fact, many systems are misdiagnosed as hardware problems when they are nothing more than a viral or malware infection.  Infections that can be repaired for pennies on the dollar.  Let Efficient Technology Services (ETS) relieve you of this stress.  All prices include onsite pickup and delivery so call us today at 920.539.1095.
$35 Basic Desktop Troubleshooting Diagnostics
$55 Basic Notebook Troubleshooting Diagnostics
$110       Advanced Notebook Troubleshooting Diagnostics
(This includes disassembly, reassembly, DC Jack Soldering)
$60 Virus, Spyware, Malware and Adware repairs
$100       Hard Drive Format and Windows installation
$75 Networking Onsite (Includes trip time up to 30miles)
$50 Starting price for Basic Data Recovery services
(Recovery of deleted, erased or misplaced data)
$100      Starting price for Advanced Data Recovery services
(Recovery due to viral or hardware failure)
Labor blocks are available at discounted, negotiable prices.